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About Us

Cruising Sports LLC is a family-owned and operated business at the forefront of revolutionizing the cruising sports entertainment market. With a firm dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, we understand the significance of providing excellence in both entertainment and service. Our commitment to innovation, combined with our love for sports, sets us apart in the cruising industry. We strive to create a transformative experience where cruise ship passengers can engage in their favorite sports or discover new ones in a captivating and lifelike environment.

Our cutting-edge multisport simulator technology allows passengers to engage in a wide range of sports activities, transcending the limitations of traditional entertainment options at sea. From golf and soccer to baseball and beyond, our simulators offer realistic and dynamic experiences that cater to passengers of all skill levels.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to redefine cruising sports entertainment. Let us take you on a thrilling and unforgettable sporting adventure, where technology and entertainment merge to create a new standard in cruise ship entertainment.

Our Mission

Our mission at Cruising Sports is to revolutionize the cruising industry by providing next-generation cruising entertainment through the use of simulated technology. We strive to be the leading provider of multisport entertainment for cruise lines, offering a dynamic and immersive platform that enhances the onboard experience and overall value and satisfaction of cruisers worldwide.


Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver exceptional value to cruise lines by providing a state-of-the-art entertainment solution that captivates passengers and sets their voyages apart. Through our innovative simulators and diverse range of sports offerings, we strive to create a unique and engaging environment that entertains, challenges and inspires cruisers of all ages and interests. By partnering with cruise lines, we aim to elevate their onboard entertainment options, attracting more passengers and fostering a sense of excitement and adventure throughout their journeys.


The Crew

Professional. Dedicated. Innovative.

Michael Peterson SR

President & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Peterson JR

Chief Operating Officer


Mary Peterson

Chief Procurement Officer

Sara Trivette

Chief Compliance Officer


Kaylee Myers

Chief Marketing Officer

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